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Mary Magdalene and
Rose Lineage Journey

Glastonbury, England
May 30th - June 5th 2024

Walk in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene & Yeshua, as you intertwine the sacred energies of masculine and feminine within your body and heart.

The more “classic” or “traditional” view

If you are being called to Glastonbury (Avalon), then you are being called HOME to receive the sacred mysteries and alchemical initiations that bring you into wholeness, that you've been preparing for your entire life.

During this retreat, we will gather together on the lands of Avalon to call each other Home. 


"I will teach you what is hidden from you." -Mary Magdalene

Join me for a 7-day Magdalene healing retreat where we will awaken our ancient memories and embody the frequency of unconditional love... 

It fills my heart with so much joy to be able to share with you Magdalene’s teachings with you. I was called to work with Yeshua and Mary Magdalene when I started focusing on my own path of self-love and sacred mysteries of the feminine.


Mary Magdalene  was a priestess and an Initiate of the mystery school of Isis in Alexandria Egypt, where she embodied the qualities of Isis and Sophia. She taught in Glastonbury (Avalon), Israel as well as Egypt. During the later years of her life, she settled in southern France.

My mission is to guide the Sacred Feminine into ascension to her rightful place as an equal to the Sacred Masculine, so that they can work together in union to bring the frequency of unconditional love to the planet. This retreat will give you many simple and natural techniques to transform your life by living from the heart and igniting the Magdalene and Christ light within you.

New Beginning - exiting the Tor _edited.

Meet your host and teacher...

Jackie has worked with thousands of women from all over the world and from all walks of life in her 1:1 coaching sessions. She has identified the core challenges that prevent women from embodying their sacred feminine essence in order to heal their ancestral line, their wounds and align with their purpose and mission.

Her retreats are designed to speak directly to your sacred feminine oracle, your heart, and to your intuitive wisdom. They're designed to speak to the deepest part of your being which will allow you to walk away remembering who you are, how divine you are, and how powerful you truly are. 

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Awaken your rose priestess path...


In this retreat, you will discover the powerful teachings of Mary Magdalene and learn about the lessons she can still teach us today, 2,000 years after her death.

Magdalene is activating our remembrance of our Sacred Feminine path and deep wisdom now. Our Hearts and wombs are blossoming open for us to heal and reconnect to the truth of your Divinity. At this new time on Earth, we are finally breaking through so much religious dogma, societal conditioning, false matrix systems as awakening to Divine Light and Divine Truth within.

During this retreat, we will be working with Magdalene’s teachings and the frequency of the sacred heart to reactivate the Christos and Sophia codes of light and the Magdalene flame within us.

"I am the lightning of revolutionary change." -Mary Magdalene

During this retreat you will...

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Image by Becca Tapert
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What you'll receive...

-Lodging at a sacred sanctuary

-Homemade vegetarian meals to nourish you

-Ceremonial initiations to engage your spirit

-Breathwork to clarify your sacred truth

-Dance to embody your sensuality

-Mystical Transmissions to activate you

-Sacred land to reignite your senses

-Sound healing

-Womb clearing

"Fulfilling your destiny is how to give and receive all the divine love you have ever wanted to experience in this lifetime. " -Mary Magdalene

This journey is for you if...

Image by Ricardo Resende

-You feel/hear the call to work with Mary Magdalene


-You desire to experience your journey as a sacred feminine up until this point in a cosmic container of love, support and wisdom

-You're ready to dive into the sacred mysteries of the feminine and become enriched with the teachings of Mary Magdalene

-You're ready to become the leading woman of your story and drop all masks

-You are ready to awaken and answer the call to your embodied sacred feminine force

Our sacred home for the week...

Garden at Worthington - the lake_edited.
Image by nine koepfer

Here’s what to expect from your retreat sanctuary:

🌹 Accommodations: We will be situated on sacred and ancient woodlands where you can relax and connect with nature. A perfect English setting filled with beautiful farm houses and a haven of rest and regeneration, sustainability and ecological intelligence. A place to experience history and make new memories. *Rooms are assigned on a first come, first served basis.

🌹 Logistics & Preparation: We will have multiple group events leading up to this event via Zoom calls

🌹 Group size: We only have space for a small group of women (we recommend you book early)

🌹 Details: Upon payment you will receive an email with all of the necessary details and enquiries for your trip - and will be contacted for logistical information regarding your flight and transit closer to the retreat. You will also receive the address to the location of where we will be spending our week together! During our travels there will be a WhatsApp group to help organize transportation and provide additional logistical information.

Sacred meals & beverages

Meals will cater to all diets, but will remain primarily Vegetarian with Vegan on request; we will gather all dietary requirements in advance so we can cater for your needs in all instances and meals. Coffee and tea will be available as well. 

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Image by K8
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Image by Brooke Lark

"The power to heal, the power to envision, the power to increase, the power to reveal, and the power to command miracles lives within you." -Mary Magdalene

Free Gifts

Image by Laura Chouette

-A collection of the written material for the retreat
-Sacred gift bag (distributed at the retreat)
-Curated playlist of the songs played during the retreat

Your Experience Includes:

 *6 nights of accommodations

 *7 daily house-cooked meals & beverages

*Admission to sacred sites

*All workshops, ceremonies and experiences led by Jackie and Guest Experts to support and amplify your self-awareness & healing

Your Experience Does Not Include:

 *Flights (it is highly recommended that you fly in at least 2 days or better yet, three or more days early. Airline delays and flight cancellations are widespread and can impact your timely arrival).

 *Flight Insurance

*Transportation (Uber or taxi) to/from retreat location to/from airport

*Optional meals or excursions outside of the retreat

Image by Niklas Weiss

Sacred Sites:

We will enjoy guided ceremonial pilgrimages at various outdoor sacred sites, including:

🌹 The Chalice Well Gardens

🌹 The White Spring  

🌹 The Glastonbury Tor

*Specifics will be provided closer to the retreat

"If Magdalene is calling you to these lands, then there is a deep and sacred journey that is awaiting you." -Jackie

All-inclusive Tuition:

Tuition includes: 6-nights of lodging, vegetarian meals, all guided outings, ceremonies, and initiations that are part of the retreat as well as entrance fees to sacred sites.


Super Early Bird Tuition: $2997

through January 31, 2024


Early Bird Tuition: $3297 

through April 30, 2024


Regular Tuition: $3497 

*Travel is not included (except transportation to and from sacred sites as part of the program).

Payment plans are accepted, please contact us directly to arrange: 

Payment Schedule:

-$500 non-refundable deposit to secure your place.

-$800 due by January 31, 2024 

-$800 due by March 31, 2024

-Balance due by May 31, 2024


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