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Time to get back into balance 


In today's society, we're seeing a major flip in polarity of the masculine and feminine energies within a person. This is one of the biggest relationship issues between men and women that we're facing on the planet right now. If you resonate with any of the offerings below, book a coaching call and let's get to work...


Women have remained in resistance to the divine feminine within themselves for far too long. And what we've also seen is our entire human society, is the resistance to the divine feminine as well.


Let's face it, we live in a masculine-dominated world. This has caused many women to live in (and remain stuck in) their hyper-masculine energy. This is the energy of: doing, survival mode, impatience, controlling, anxiousness, disconnection, always chasing, and hyper-independence. 


In order to allow the divine feminine within us to come alive, we need to search for the feminine aspects within ourselves

And to be honest with you, it is understandable how in today’s world, most of us would suppress these feminine energies within us in order to cope and survive in modern day life today.

During these coaching sessions, I will help you identify the feminine aspects within you that you're neglecting and pushing away. I will also look at your relationship with the feminine (your mother, your friendships, mother earth, etc). to see where some of these wounds could be addressed and healed.

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" This is a planet of duality. Polarity is part of this life. Masculine and feminine energy are completely different, yet we all embody a combination of both. There is so much freedom when we can embody and balance both energies within ourselves." -Jackie


In today's society, masculinity has been seen as a problem rather than something that men should actually embrace. It's very rare that any man in today's world exhibits true and embodied masculinity.


We have only seen the shadow side of masculinity.

This shadow side of the masculine is saturated with the idea of competitiveness and power. The idea that one man is better than the other. Not only that, but for the past 1,000 years, we've only seen men rule the earth while living in their shadow. They ruled with domination, patriarchy and control...all of which has nothing to do with healthy or sacred masculinity.

The goal for a man in today's world, is to fully awaken the highest aspects of masculinity within himself. He learns how to represent action, direction, responsibility, strength, intellect and expansion. He is no longer controlled and driven from his mind.


I started working with men when I realized that we're living in a time where the feminine is rising on the planet, and recognizing that men needed more support in this rise (as well as having more community of brotherhood). My task is to help you identify the aspects of masculinity that you're neglecting, as well as look at your own relationship with the masculine (your father, brothers, etc) and connect the dots with you. I will give you masculine embodiment practices to teach you how to reconnect with your body (especially the lower three energy centers), and bring you back into your heart.


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