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Jackie is an embodied modern-day Oracle and leader in the rise in consciousness. Her work is imbued with a quality of gentleness and compassion, which is underrated in a world that values chastising itself, by feeding the need to become tougher, better, with a focus on DOING more. She activates the heart centers of others through her embodiment of her own heart.

It's been quite the journey...believe me. But everything that I've overcome, has brought me to this place of less resistance and more flow. I can now show up for others in a deeper and more compassionate way, because I've worked through my own share of trauma and pain. By facing my fears and confronting my wounds, I can embody more of who I am at the fullest: unapologetically, fiercely, and authentically.

Here's my story...

I started out my life as a lot of us do: with the gentle, innocent, and open heart of a child.  I was extremely spiritually sensitive and solitary at times. I grew up in the country, so to me, I found peace being alone in the woods, making mud pies and drinking out of the hose! I was a happy and playful kid. I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up, and I wanted twins (which I was later blessed with in life). My heart was open with curiosity to the mysteries of life...but that open-heartedness didn’t last very long. 


At the age of 13, my parents decided to separate and suddenly my siblings and I found ourselves in the middle of our parents' 7 year-long divorce. This is when I began to shutdown my innocence and grow up rather quickly. This is when I began to disconnect from myself, from others, and from God.


While in my teenage years, I went through a spiritual experience that became a catalyst for my spiritual journey.


In the Summer of 2003, I lost a friend to a tragic car accident that shifted and awakened something within me. It opened up a doorway to the other realms and suddenly I was gifted the opportunity to connect with those who passed on. My spiritual gifts immediately came online after Mike's passing. Luckily, my mother and grandmother were very interested in anything having to do with spirituality, so I had an idea of what I was experiencing


I immediately started learning how to meditate and reach higher states of consciousness while connecting with higher realms. I also began to "attune" my energy to others and began to receive intuitive guidance for people by embodying my oracle. Before you knew it, I was offering private sessions to people at the age of 19. Intuitively, I knew that my life had a deeper purpose here and felt the call to help people heal.


In my late twenties, I found myself in a serious committed relationship and over the course of those four years, I gave birth to four beautiful boys (one set of twins)! Life became too comfortable and the Universe must have known it was time for a change. All of a sudden, my relationship crumbled like the tower card in Tarot and I became a single Mom of four boys. 

I had to learn to rise on my own. I had to learn how to keep it together on the outside...even though I was completely shattered with pain on the inside. Not only was my inner-child starving for attention and for more joy out of life (I was neglecting her), I also started to live in hyper-masculine overdrive as I didn't feel safe to thrive in my feminine energy anymore. 

My resistance to the new experience of repeating my mother's journey of being a single mom of four kids, was heart-wrenching. I buried and suppressed the pain I was carrying and focused heavily on working and surviving in the physical matrix. My children became the reason I kept going and they filled my heart with the love I couldn't find in myself.

In 2018, I entered a new chapter in my life where I found myself being confronted with triggers that spoke to the wounds I experienced as a child, all the way into my adult years. I carried a ton of resistance towards what was happening, and even found myself in a trauma-bonded relationship. There was tons of co-dependency, attachment and living in an illusion.


As I began to go inward, I was also experiencing a massive spiritual awakening. I was going through what many like to call the "Dark Night of the Soul"...however to me, it felt more the dark night of the ego.

During this time period, I didn't understand what I was experiencing so a friend of mine recommended that I sit with "plant medicine". And this is where my life shifted dramatically.

I sat with a cup of tea...that turned into a 4-hour journey into my subconscious mind as well as feeling the complete oneness with everything in this Universe. I realized that I was living solely in my mind, and the mind was only living in the past. Everything that I was creating in my mind (the stories I was telling myself), was entirely false. 

This was the 'aha' moment I needed to come back to my essence, back into spirituality, and connecting with source (and myself).  ​​


After my first experience using plant medicine where I reached an altered state of consciousness, I decided to explore other plant medicines as I found them very helpful with my healing process. These journeys required a lot of downtime afterwards, sitting in deep reflection as I needed to integrate each lesson and journey with compassion and understanding. 


In the year 2021, I was called to sit with the powerful medicine of Ayahuasca. Numerous ceremonies with Ayahuasca during this time were life-changing for me, as I became fully aware of the core wounds that were holding me hostage from moving forward on my path. Ayahuasca also showed me two significant past lives where I held positions in power. She was trying to remind me of my ancient wisdom and inner strength, so that I can tap into more of those energies in this lifetime. 


After those profound experiences with Ayahuasca and a period of integration following each ceremony, I started to explore the topic of polarity of the masculine and feminine energies within us as well as how they intertwine in our relationships. I dived into intimacy, the most common wounds we all carry on the planet (and how to heal them), and trauma so that I could better serve my clients and humanity.


Throughout my awakening process and coming more into wholeness with myself, one of the biggest things I realized was that: throughout most of my life, I was living solely from my mind, instead of from my heartI was also not embodying my core essence of the feminine, because of the years I felt like I had to remain stuck in my masculinity for survival and safety. 

Once I learned how to address my inner child wounds and call her back in (allowing her to feel safe again), I was able to focus on the recalibration (or balance) of my inner feminine and masculine energies.


This was the absolute game changer for me.

I began to use my voice again. I discovered my truth again. I discovered my power again. And since going through this entire awakening experience, I am a completely transformed person. 

All of the tears, the heartache, the was all worth it.

I found ME again.

Now I'm going to leave you with this...


Having the experience of going through difficult life experiences and trauma, closing your heart is something I'm familiar with. But the tools and knowledge that I've gained from working with trauma, triggers and working with my own shadow, have showed me what is needed to help others at this time on the planet.


I know the work required to step into your most embodied and authentic self. 

So now, I've set out on a brave journey to help humanity awaken with effective and powerful tools that will accelerate their spiritual awakening, heal their wounds, open their hearts, and calm their controlling minds. 

If your heart resonates with my story and energy and you're ready to take the plunge and work with me, then I invite you to work with me in a 1:1 session, my retreats, or through my mentoring. I will give you the necessary tools to reconnect you back to your heart, live with passion, remember your purpose and step into your power

I invite you to work with me and be brave enough to make your own major shifts right now, especially during this time on the planet.

-Jackie x

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