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In today’s society, there is a severe lack of healthy masculine role models and leaders, is one of the reasons why the collective masculine struggles.

Often times the masculine will face the path of awakening on his own, which is one of the most difficult paths he can face. He embodies a true warrior by overcoming loneliness and transforming it into inner freedom.


The collective masculine is carving the way for the collective through facing their shadow, destroying toxic patterns, ending generational trauma and embodying the sacred masculineThis is not something that can be healed overnight, but we can start with the baseline of connecting with the body, addressing the core wounds, and calling in the aspects of the masculine that have been shut-down or not accepted.

Let's rise...



I'm not going to "sugar coat" what is happening on the planet in regards to the masculine in today's society. But it's important to mention that a typical masculine man is often known as "the jerk" or "the asshole"...a person that no one wants to become.

And this is the reason why most men don't want to embrace their own masculinity.

In today's world, the divine masculine is drowning in shadowy aspects of the masculine or also known as "the wounded masculine". Not only that, but there's a theory that goes like this: women are attracted to the assholes...or at least the ones that treat them badly. This is created because:


A.) She carries a strong father wound.




B.) Women are not attracted to meekness in men...and it just so happens that many men who are nice, are also meek, and that feels like a weakness to us (and will shutdown our sex drive).

You do not need to create the divine masculine within you, it is you. That energy is there and has never left you. It is just obscured by your mind and your actions. Once you come out of your mind and live from your heart, you will immediately embody the energy of the divine masculine.

The goal for a man is not to become competitive or testosterone-driven. The goal is to live from the heart, not from the mind. 

A man who is embodying his masculine energy will carry these traits:

-Protective & supportive








A man who is not embodying his masculine energy will carry these traits:

-Chronic over-thinker

-Zero emotion and / or over sensitivity

-Overly dominating or submissive


-Easily triggered or angry


-An over-doer / always busy


To make this real practical: the purpose of working with an embodiment coach, is to bring awareness to the aspects of yourself that you're neglecting. There are many tools and practices you can incorporate into your daily life that will help you embody your own masculine to it's fullest.

Me and my friend packed our car with old




If you want to address your masculine energy deeply, you must go through your inner child first. We’ll focus on nurturing your inner child to heal your emotional wounds. We'll also look into your relationship with the masculine (your father, brothers, etc).


person standing in front of fire_edited.

We will address any tension and stored emotions within the body using  methods such as breathwork, sound, and awareness. You’ll be supported in releasing sadness, anger, fear and anxiety. I will also teach you how to drop out of your mind and into your heart.


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Not only will we focus on your embodiment, but I will also discuss the topic of understanding the feminine. I will also give you the tools you're seeking. There are multiple ways to work with me. Be open to receiving guidance and different perspectives from me. 

In these 90-minute coaching sessions, we will get to work immediately. I will address all three coaching parts with you (your inner child, the emotional release, and your embodiment) and give you some homework and practices you can complete on a daily basis.

What makes my masculine embodiment coaching unique and different (other than the fact that I embody the divine feminine energy)? I will use my Oracle and "intuitive senses" to work with you more deeply.

The presence of an embodied feminine, can actually teach the masculine how to drop into his heart...

I offer one-time sessions and packages, please see below:


A song for the masculine...


Dear Brothers,


Rise warrior, rise.


To all of the men who are riding into the battlefield of consciousness right now. Facing your shadow and opening your heart entirely. You’re brave enough to die spiritually only to be reborn again.


The path has never been easy and at times has felt like brutal warfare. Burdens placed on you that you had to carry. It’s all crumbling now. But deep within you, you’re able to listen to the soft voice inside of you asking you to rise.

Rise because you devoted your entire soul mission to being of service as your presence is capable of healing the world. You are the structure. You provide the safety. You are the king, the shaman and the lover.

You are the one who can release the wounded generational trauma of the masculine, and also embody the ancient virtues of the sacred masculine. Once you rise to this position, you will become unstoppable and driven by the fire within your soul.

Keep rising.

You’ve realized that you no longer need to do the deep inner work to receive reassurance or validation. You know who you are, you don’t need anyone’s approval or opinion. And by you rising into your soul’s mission, you are filling the world with your gifts that are so needed right now! You’re also building the structure for the Divine Feminine to dance in by your side.

Don’t give up or give in, no matter how challenging it can feel right now. Trust and know that you are fully supported, seen, and so valued!



Looking for something much deeper? 

I have teamed up with some powerful men's group facilitators who have gone through the depths of their shadow and have risen from it.


Join me for a men's IMMERSION coming this October 2024. 

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