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How can we love ourselves if we have never been taught how?

When someone does not feel safe to your heart or aligned with your values, you’re doing a disservice to your heart. You’re no longer honoring yourself, your boundaries, or your desires.

We all know on some level that it is important to love ourselves, but most of us don't even know where to begin. We never received the tools or guidance to show us how.

Join me in my Journey to Self-love 6-week Program designed to give you all of the tools and exercises you need to cultivate the love already found within you.

The topics I will touch on during this program:


  • Self-hate and "should's"

  • 365 days of self-love

  • The deserving wound

  • Your frequency

  • Developing self-worth

  • Resistance

  • Releasing guilt

  • Thoughts and emotions

  • Compassion

  • Love Letter

  • Mirror Work

  • Learning "No"

  • Role of victim and forgiveness

  • Choosing happiness

  • Being present with your emotions

  • Self-sabotage

  • Mistakes and imperfection

  • Inner-child wounds

  • Re-owning shame

  • Boundaries

  • Your life purpose

*Bonus: Attracting a Sacred Partner

If any of the topics above interest you and you're ready to dive onto the path of self-love, then this 6-week program may be ideal for you. 


How does this program work?

Each week I will be sending you two emails with the topics listed above, and their correlating exercise, for the duration of 6-weeks. This is a self-journey but I will be guiding you through it.

You must have the following for this program:

-A journal dedicated to your self-love journey

-Something to write with

-A quiet place to complete the exercises without interruption

-A picture of yourself as a child

If you're ready to start on the path of self-love and healing, I invite you to take these next 6-weeks with me. These exercises are going to take you very deep and the tools you will receive will allow you to transform what it means to love yourself.


We start Friday, March 3rd (3/3/23), the first round of emails go out that evening and the cost is $47.

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