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A 4-hour live virtual workshop with Jackie

June 25th @ 12:00pm EST (New York)

A workshop for all...
from beginner to advanced!

In this 4-hour live interactive workshop with Jackie, you will learn the fundamentals of mediumship and how to establish a connection with the Spirit world!

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Long before I was doing thousands of mediumistic sessions and connecting with the spirit world, I was always interested in the spirit realm. As a child, I was very sensitive to energy and the emotions of others. After years of feeling this, I shut it down for a while. It wasn't until I experienced trauma as a teenager, that my mediumistic gifts came to light. Even at that time, I didn't have the tools or knowledge to be able to connect. So I learned from various teachers, traveling around the world to discover the best tools in order to heighten my senses and connect with the non-physical realm. 

Today, I use my gifts to help others as well as receive messages from my own Spirit Guides and loved ones in spirit. When my Dad passed away in 2014, having these tools to connect to spirit allowed me to connect to him which helped my grieving process tremendously.

Clouds and Sunset
Join me on June 25th @ 12:00pm Eastern Standard Time (New York) for a 4-hour live virtual workshop

In this 4-hour live virtual workshop with me you will learn:

-The journey of the soul

-Your spiritual team 

-The logical mind and the receptive mind

-Mental Mediumship

-Telepathy (how it's used in connection)

-Getting into your Power

-Opening the door to Spirit

-How to open up all of the senses 

-The structure of giving a reading

You will be working one-on-one with other students as well as with me directly, practicing all of the techniques you'll be learning in this workshop. 


This is a great opportunity for you to work with me live, as I am closing the chapter of teaching mediumship (my path is moving into a different direction). I am so grateful for the knowledge and gifts to be able to connect to spirit, and I will always be of service if needed. But for now, this will be my last mediumship workshop for a while!

Can't attend the full 4-hours? No problem, the recording will be emailed to all participants after class.

Cost: $225
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