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Learn how to receive valuable information for your life's journey...

When I was young, I used to spend hours in nature riding my bike and walking in the woods. I never felt alone. I always knew there was a group of people with me, even though I never saw them through my physical eyes. 


At the age of 17, I first heard the term: Spirit Guides. Around that time, I started developing as a medium. I was able to communicate with the deceased and give messages to their loved ones here in the physical. But I wanted to understand the connection with my own spirit guides because I thought, well I could use a little help too! 

I took a 'Meet your Spirit Guides' class around the age of 18. At the end of the class, we were given an exercise. This was a guided group meditation led by the instructor, to meet our spirit guides. I was so excited because I thought, if I could meet my spirit guides, I could receive all of life's answers! 

....This was not the case. 

During this guided meditation, I saw a bright green beautiful meadow with flowers. There was a path that ran through the meadow. My guides were supposed to drop out of the sky, land on that path and walk up to me. Well...instead of seeing any angelic beings or people dressed in wizard-like robes, I saw a bright red ball coming down the path. There was no sight of my spirit guides or any spirit animals. It was just me and this ball. 

I was so disappointed. I felt like I had nobody at that point! I needed to learn a great lesson about having expectations

Over time, I learned meditation and become aware of the stillness within me so that I can communicate with them. And then one day, I setup my own meditation in my mind's eye, where I was able to meet all of them at once. This was incredible. 

Since then, I have never felt alone. I communicate with my guides often, and they have helped me through life's most difficult challenges. The best advice that I've ever received, has come from them

I invite you to learn how to connect with your own guides, the advice and information you'll receive during the remainder of your journey on Earth will be incredible. It's a valuable tool as well as a beautiful gift

Much love,

Jackie x

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"If you knew who walked beside you at all times, on the path that you have chosen, you could never experience fear or doubt again." -Wayne Dyer

What will I be learning?

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This program has been created for Beginners as well as Advanced students...

All of the exercises that are given in this program, are ones that anyone can do. The more open and receptive you are during this program, the more you will benefit from it. This program includes:

  • 8 Modules

  • 37 Lessons 

  • 15+ Exercises

Please keep in mind that you can go at your own pace. You will receive exercises that can take 15-minutes or 45-minutes, it's all your choice.

Topics you will learn:

  • Types of Spirit Guides

  • The Angelic Realm

  • Ascended Masters

  • Understanding their Role

  • Understanding their Language

  • Signs from Spirit

  • Telepathy

  • Meditation

  • Sitting in the Power

  • The Five Senses

  • Mind Focus

  • Master Guide Meditations

  • The Meeting Place Meditation

  • Keeping the Connection

  • Daily Communication

    ...and much more!

One last note: No prior knowledge of Spirit Guides is required to take this program.

All of the information that is given in this program is designed for beginner's - advanced students. No prior understanding of spirit guides is required to understand this program.

Are you ready to dive in deep? I'll hold your hand (in spirit) along the way :) 

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